Roberts Book Holder


                                        ROBERTS BOOK HOLDER

                  Finally, a book holder that really works!

The Roberts Book Holder holds any book, regardless of its thickness or size, at a
convenient reading angle. It prevents pages from flipping while allowing the
reader to turn them effortlessly. And when not being used, it folds to a flat 7/16", thinner than the slimmest notebook, easy to store or transport (built-in handle).
Dimensions when closed: 14" X 71/2" X 7/16"

It's the perfect gift for:
all readers
computer users, typists & secretaries
cookbook users and other hobbyists
musician's portable music stand
handicapped, infirm and age debilitated
and especially those who read while dining

Ordering Information:
                                              Roberts Book Holder $18.95
                                               Shipping & Handling $8.50
                              Two additional pegs included with your purchase

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